High Quality Electric Coffee Roaster Machine Supplier

We are an electric coffee roaster machine supplier working since 2013. We make it possible for any merchant, regardless of background, to find sustainable green coffees and roast craft-quality coffee. Therefore, join us in building a future for the entire coffee business that is accessible to all communities, sustainable for the environment, and fair to growers.

We, as an electric coffee roaster machine supplier, are proud to be at the top of the list of electric coffee roasting equipment. Thus, we provide a broad selection of excellent roasting equipment with a focus on quality and client satisfaction. To satisfy the requirements of coffee lovers, we provide to small coffee shops and large-scale commercial enterprises. However, we have the ideal roaster for you whether you’re expanding your current operation or opening a new coffee shop.

Successful Electric Coffee Roaster Machine Supplier

Our small-batch roasters provide accuracy and control to bring out the best flavors in each roast, making them perfect for coffee enthusiasts, home roasters, and small cafés. They are small, simple to use, and ideal for experimenting with various coffee profiles. Our medium-sized roasters boost capacity without sacrificing quality, making them ideal for coffee shops and expanding businesses.

However, you can roast consistently and effectively with the help of these roasters’ cutting-edge features, which include temperature control, airflow modification, and smoke reduction. As an electric coffee roaster machine supplier, and kaleido coffee roaster manufacturer, our large-scale roasters can handle heavy workloads while maintaining great roast quality and are intended for high-volume output. To simplify your roasting process, these sturdy machines provide automation options, profile control systems, and integrated cooling mechanisms.


  • Can novices use your electric coffee roasting machines?

    Absolutely! For all skill levels, we provide electric coffee roaster machines. Our small-batch roasters are especially user-friendly for beginners, with simple controls and clear interfaces.

  • Do you offer warranties and post-purchase support?

    Yes, we’re dedicated to offering top-notch client service. A guarantee covering manufacturing flaws is included with every one of our electric coffee roasting units.

  • Can you help with setup and instruction?

    Certainly! We comprehend how intimidating putting up new coffee roasting equipment might be.